Songs From The Vault

Most people are familiar with my non-vocal music. I’ve released eight albums the past years with instrumental work.
In between the past 30 years, I was also writing songs, but not as my core business.
Some of my vocal performances weren’t to well I know, but the songwriting aspect was fun to create.
One song-album saw the day of light in 2014 “When It’s Gone” and some singles.

Every artist has some kind of secret vault with not-published work, so do I.
After years of doubt, I took all my courage, to decide a public release.
I chose some twenty songs, good enough (maybe) to put on the album.
On 03/22 the album will be available on

© 2018 Adagio Productions
releases March 22, 2018

Album review “Apology Accepted”

album review in Musiczine

Johan Troch was part of the post-punk band Last Journey in a distant past. A legacy that he knows how to keep alive. But afterwards he has taken a completely different path. There is now a compilation from which gives a nice overview of the man’s oeuvre.
The music of Johan Troch can be described as instrumental soundscapes with elements from genres such as ambient, avant-garde and cinematic music. On “Apology Accepted” he has selected 17 tracks from his seven albums. The emphasis is a bit on his debut ‘Changes’, of which the most numbers are represented here. In addition, there are at least one or two tracks of every other album on this collector. The album forms a beautiful organic whole. Musically you do not hear that “A New Day” is an old and “Behind The Screen” is a recent track. “Apology Accepted” can be an ideal soundtrack for a sauna night or an evening with a glass of red wine and a good book.
Until now, every album was only available digitally, but for this anniversary edition (twenty years composer) he also has a CD release. Johan Troch is a composer and not a performer, so you will not come across him on stages, but the music is certainly no less. Anyone who wants to get acquainted with his music, gets with this compilation an ideal starter package.

Wim Guillemyn


Apology Accepted – limited edition CD’s

Work from previous albums are remastered, on a limited edition called
‘Apology Accepted’ , that is now available on compact disc for sale, €20 EUR

Manufactured in the Netherlands by Indieplant.
Released by Adagio Productions and @misterVproductions.
You can order via
or via the Bandcamp page:

Of course you can also still download the album on the Bandcamp page, €10 EUR
Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Sincerely yours,


The manufacturing of a CD

I recently compiled and remastered an album from previously released work. (only my ambient-like music, meaning no drums and bass)
As before, I’m going to offer the album for sale via Bandcamp for downloads only.
Now I also plan to publish this album physically on CD.
A limited edition of 50 pieces.
To manufacture an album costs a lot of money, I would like to hear from you who is interested in a CD.
Only if there are 40 to 50 people who really want that CD, I’m going to order the manufacturing of the CDs.

You can email me on:

Sincerely yours,

Martin Birke’s ambient project

Martin Birke from Genre Peak who collaborated in the past with
Steve Jansen, Mick Karn, Jon Hassell and many more, is working on a
ambient project (yet untitled) with collaborators such as:
Stephen Sullivan, Rob Dean, Johan Troch, Christopher Scott Cooper.
Sessions thru summer/fall, feat. Tony Passarell and Daniel Panasenko.

Titan (Saturn Moon) is one of 12 pieces made by Johan Troch, Martin Birke and Blaine Kelley.
Trying to assemble into an ambient concept.
Will be released by Martin Birke next year.

foto van Genre Peak.