Said And Done

This is a still from the video my daughter made a few years ago for the song Said And Done written by Peter Every accompanied with lyrics and vocals of myself.
© 2013 Neophyte Recordings UK


The manufacturing of a CD

I recently compiled and remastered an album from previously released work. (only my ambient-like music, meaning no drums and bass)
As before, I’m going to offer the album for sale via Bandcamp for downloads only.
Now I also plan to publish this album physically on CD.
A limited edition of 50 pieces.
To manufacture an album costs a lot of money, I would like to hear from you who is interested in a CD.
Only if there are 40 to 50 people who really want that CD, I’m going to order the manufacturing of the CDs.

You can email me on:

Sincerely yours,

Martin Birke’s ambient project

Martin Birke from Genre Peak who collaborated in the past with
Steve Jansen, Mick Karn, Jon Hassell and many more, is working on a
ambient project (yet untitled) with collaborators such as:
Stephen Sullivan, Rob Dean, Johan Troch, Christopher Scott Cooper.
Sessions thru summer/fall, feat. Tony Passarell and Daniel Panasenko.

Titan (Saturn Moon) is one of 12 pieces made by Johan Troch, Martin Birke and Blaine Kelley.
Trying to assemble into an ambient concept.
Will be released by Martin Birke next year.

foto van Genre Peak.


Martin Birke from Genre Peak who worked in the past with
Steve Jansen, asked me to work on a soundscape of him.
This turned out into a track called Titan (Saturn Moon)
This will be on an album with other collaborators.
Titan (Saturn Moon) is one of 12 pieces, trying to assemble into an ambient concept.
Will be released by Martin Birke next year.

Determined To Be Uncertain

Digital Album

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written and produced by Johan Troch

released January 20, 2017

I want to thank all the contributors for making this album possible.

piano: Chris Neal (USA)
drums: Jim Dooley (USA)
guitar: Mark Holmogortsev (Ukraine)
fretless bass: Damian Coccio (USA)
e-bow guitars: Mirza Begovic (USA)
e-bow guitars: Bill Vencil (USA)
percussion-loop: Bjorn Chapman (UK)
guitars: Mikhail Medvedev (Rus)
flugelhorn: Steve Dillard (USA)
violin: Kevin Yen (USA)

© 2017 Adagio Productions

Currently working on the new album

Since a few months I’m working on my new instrumental album that will be called,
“Inner Glow”
For now, I have the privilege of collaborations from Mark Holmogortsev (Ukraine)
Steve Dillard (USA), Mikhail Medvedev (RUS) , Jim Dooley (USA), Bill Vencil (USA) , Mirza Begovic (USA) and Damian Coccio (USA), maybe more will follow.
The release will be on my independent download-label; Adagio Productions.
Foreseen early 2017.
You can stream some of the album’s tracks on: