New work in progress

Recently i’m working on new tracks and some songs to be released soon. This year, and in the beginning of 2014.
I already remastered a track written by my colleague Peter Every from Coventry, where i added guitar-atmospherics on his wonderful track: ‘A Name That Seemed Exotic’
But it’s still under construction in consultation with Peter.
I also could not resist the temptation to cover ‘Playground Martyrs’  by Steve Jansen, after a well-received free version I did of
‘Every Colour You Are’ by Rain Tree Crow, in 2012.     I will take from you all, if I did a great job or not.

Recently I read in several articles, that music-albums in general are not to be sold like they used to be in the past.
People want to download (by) songs or tracks, not a whole album.  Even A-list artists won’t sell like they used to.
So I also wonder if releasing a new album is still an issue for me.   Maybe not.
I could release songs or tracks one after the other, that gives me also more time and less pressure.

I also experienced that people are not as willing to pay for music anymore. I offer my music usually for free , but also with the ability to pay what you want.
Since music is not my main job , some support would be welcome .  After all, you decide whether you delivered a contribution or not.
I know that even more famous artists than I, have the same problem.
Via Bandcamp you are completely free , whether you paid for my music , or not.
Many independent artists have made it very difficult to get around these days.
The fact downloads are not really to be done anymore.  Since the trend has become streaming.  I do not blame people.
Spotify , Deezer , YouTube and many other digital channels have made this possible and is very accessible.
Who needs to download , if you are able to listen to music for free. Paying for the music you love to hear, is a boost for artists.



3 thoughts on “New work in progress

  1. it is very nice to get things for free,,, but, when you are taking something that someone has worked for and not contribute to does not seem fair,,,,music and art are wonderful parts of our lives, but they are extras. yes, it would be a colder world without them, but we could survive,,,,,I believe if we want these luxuries we need to support artists if we are able to,,,,and, be really grateful when they share things for free,,,,,not take it for granted

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