‘When It’s Gone’

'When It's Gone'

After weeks and weeks of remastering, re-singing and remixing, i finished my song-album ‘When It’s Gone’
Most songs comes from the title-less album that was released on iTunes in 2011.
This kind of re-release is supplemented with some more recent songs i wrote the past years.
The general sound of the vocals is much better than on the original album, so it should be more satisfying for the ears.
I’m releasing this album on the independent Bandcamp.com website.
You decide the price you want to pay.
Unfortunately this album will be only available in a digital download form.
The default download format is MP3, and this is probably what you want. These files play back beautifully in iTunes, Windows Media Player, your iPhone/Android phone, etc. and include high quality cover art, accurate artist and track names, and lyrics when available.


I would like to thank my many followers on the internet, for supporting my work throughout the past years.

My regards,


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