Album review of “When It’s Over’

Italian album review of “When It’s Over” (© 2014 Adagio Productions)

by Natalie C. (Lory Fayer), 29 September 2014
The career of this artist began in the middle of the legendary 80’s as frontman of the legendary Last Journey, a Belgian group deeply influenced by Joy Division and, of course, Ian Curtis, of which it is currently possible to listen to the proceedings with a simple search on Facebook or Soundcloud. After the break-up of this band in 1986 Johan Troch began to pursue his solo project, which he published from 2011 to the present, only in digital, four instrumental albums and the latter, with songs also sung, with all downloads free on Bandcamp. Consistently, says that for him the most important thing is to know his music, which is, I might add, really engaging, gently twilight and manages to get into the depths of the soul. Before reviewing the album I would recommend to see his YouTube channel, where I upload most of his pieces, with video shot with numerous artists and dancers, the fascinating images that add to his music, in perfect combination with it, reaching such an effect from the impact.

Now we come to ‘When It’s Over’. The album consists of twelve pieces atmospheric, intimate, they can remember the refined minimalism of David Sylvian (quoted by Johan himself as one of his musicians references) or of other composers of the more educated and research developed the first new wave, like Pieter Nooten with which he worked. A work by listening, paying attention and opening the heart and mind, not a music to use as background while performing other tasks in return you will be imbued with fascinating, intense emotions. In the tracks of this album every note is like a brushstroke that outlines moods and atmospheres, such as in a succession of glimpses of a profound journey, an inner journey during which feelings, dreams, thoughts, ideals are translated into music . Everything is suffused: the rhythmic background and guitar melodies intertwine in a horse between shoegaze and post rock, to create environments melancholy, gently persuasive, over which hovers the voice, warm, deep, but never excessive.

“Beauty” and “The Prophecy”, the pieces that open the album, have the piano in the foreground, with a sung almost recited, that reminds me of the most intimate and melancholic pieces of Daniel Darc. “When it’s over” is characterized by dreamy arpeggios, sometimes hypnotic and lysergic, the guitar. In “The Astronauts” dominates the piano again, this time accompanied by a dreamy and evocative guitar. “We’re living together” has sounds that you can bring those dreams created by Robin Guthrie, while “The garden of lovers” is the most rock piece, a slow ballad full of emotions sweetly melancholic. “Consultation” recalls the atmosphere of veiled soul And Also The Trees The Klaxon. “We’re living our lives” has the style of the new wave of the early days: a rock very slow, faint and tinged sounds dreamy. “Something good” has a rarefied atmosphere, somewhat remote and heavily melancholic. “The Dawn of Day”, my favorite, is warm and enveloping, with echo effects that add emphasis to the atmosphere twilight; “Childhood” is slow with veins that are close to black music; “Close to you” is a minimalist, as if the sounds they wanted to delineate the atmosphere for the item in the foreground.

I can only conclude by inviting you to go on Bandcamp to listen to this artist and download this beautiful and engaging, which contains atmospheres and emotions.

La carriera di questo artista è cominciata a metà dei mitici anni ‘80, come frontman dei leggendari Last Journey, un gruppo belga profondamente influenzato dai Joy Division e, naturalmente, da Ian Curtis, di…

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