Album review: The Enlightened

From Peek A Boo Music Magazine 28/01/2015. 28/01/2015 : JOHAN TROCH - Enlightened EN This musical centipede has written and produced everything himself. He also plays the guitar parts and the atmospherics, while Eric Hopton does the synths. The Enlightened is a very cinematic and ethereal album. The music sometimes has a ‘new age’ kind of feeling, especially in the opener New Horizon, in which the female voice sings in an Enya style amidst an atmospheric sounds-cape. But let us not be blinded by this ‘new age’ hassle. And do not worry about the Enya thing either as this album has much more potential. On Nightly Peculiarities you will find yourself somewhere in a secluded place like the savanna under a glittering starry sky surrounded by wildlife. Who Is It To Blame starts with church bells, while a delicious bass line and guitar do the work. The tracks do not have traditional structures. It must be said that Johan Troch knows how to create soundscapes. On Disbelieve the guitar is reminiscent to David Gilmour’s guitar play. In To Open Our Eyes the drum are more important and diverse, although the whole album sounds homogeneous. Some might find this album too spicy, but lovers of quiet, instrumental music, should definitely try out The Enlightened.

Wim GUILLEMYN 28/01/2015


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