Top 10 albums

At request of fans I’ve added a top 10 of albums that had a profound influence on my musical journey from my childhood until present time.
This is quite difficult, because there are so many albums more than just 10.
Very important in my youth were Joy Division, Cocteau Twins and later on David Sylvian and Pat Metheny.
I even had a period of Doors, Velvet Underground, and Joni Mitchell fever.
Also a lot of jazz artists that were signed on the ECM label like Bill Frisell, Eberhard Weber and Pat Metheny during his ECM period in the seventies and early eighties.
I had the luck of having older brothers who were into a great taste of music.
That’s how I’ve made an acquaintance with a totally other kind of music style that my classmates used to listen to at the time.
In the nineties we had ‘OK Computer’ from Radiohead and ‘Mezzanine’ from
Massive Attack.
Very enriching the past decade: Thomas Feiner & Anywhen with “The Opiates Revised” ‘Slope’ from Steve Jansen, and ‘Cartography’ from Arve Henriksen.

Johan Troch 10 February 2015


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