Album review

Infinite Distances


Adagio Productions
04/03/2016, Wim GUILLEMYN

In the 80’s, Johan Troch was the singer and guitarist of the post-punk band Last Journey. After the band called it a day, it went quiet. And then suddenly, Troch began recording instrumental records that are a contrast to the cold wave/post-punk of Last Journey as they have an ambient character. Johan distributes his music through his own label Adagio Productions. He does not perform his music on stage.

As always, this album by Johan Troch is made in a professionally way.
Opener Into The Night floats on a warm bass and atmospheric synths with aqttention to detail. Conditioned Beliefs is a track that mainly consists of a reverberant piano.
At first it sounds like a pop song, but it develops in another direction.
Artificial Intelligence includes a sample of Robert Fripp (King Crimson).
The guitar line of Frippertronics is mixed in the song.
Well done.

There are a lot of guest musicians included, who add their own subtle effects/styles.
The guitar of Alexander Naumov gives Living Without Frontiers a Gilmour touch.
On Project X , the drums are done by Jim Dooley and the percussion loops by Achim Berens. Again, the Robert Fripp-sample is used. A pretty rhythmic and upbeat song.

The album (fourteen songs) closes with the longest track, When She Turned Her Head.
The intro consists of a recording of a crowd at Union Station Portland Oregon.
It is complemented with ambient drones by Rhodes Tim Kahn.

Johan Troch has made an album that is a stunner in its genre. It is a continuation of his previous release The Enlightened.
This is enjoyable ambient that does not sound too vague or too strange, with a hopeful atmosphere.



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